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About Us

We’re passionate about human beings' capacity to perceive perceptible and barely perceptible signals in people and the environment around us. We’re continuously awed by our ability to enhance this perception and increase our effectiveness to respond to these signals. And we’re inspired and galvanized by our un-ending creativity in doing so.

We're also passionate about technology and the ways in which it's being used to enhance, simplify and serve people around the world. Putting all this passion, awe and inspiration into action gave rise to – because we not only want to create simpler, faster ways of hands-on video and audio analysis, but because we also know that in doing so, we're empowering more people to see and effectively engage with others around them. is an early stage startup headquartered in Portland, OR. Our global team is located in Sydney, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Researchers, supervisors, teachers, interns, students, trainers, trainees and coaches are getting into flow with Will you be next?

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